Thalhammer & Mustafa Yalcinkaya have colaboarated with Wombats Hostel in Berlin to remove union members through outsourcing the Cleaning Team.

The cleaning team where forced over to EAK GmbH. Shortly after this happened Wombats owners Marcus and Sasha decided to close the hostel because of negative press regardless of the business doing well. It appears this is a move to turn ununionised workers against union members and remove them once closed.

Leave the staff of wombats alone, the staff at wombats are like a family, don't take this away from them.

Its nothing Short of Shamefull for Mustafa Yalcinkaya, Sascha Dimitriewicz & Marcus Praschinger to do this!!

There will be a Protest outside Wombats Berlin on the 17th of May at 4PM/16:00, come join and bring your friends.

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